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New Heat Pump Water Heater M7
  • New Heat Pump Water Heater M7

    The Haier M7 Heat Pump Water Heater range, running with R290 refrigerant, and unlike a traditional water heater, provides hot water using the heat in the air, reducing energy consumption and offering a nice A+ energy range


    The new M7 range comes in 2 different tank versions: 200L and 250L. Packed with premium functionalities such as a Micro-channel Condenser, the hOn app connectivity and Easy Installation, this elegant Heat Pump Water Heater has a nice white design.s. 


    The R290 natural refrigerant, an environmentally friendly choice to reduce carbon emissions, is a sustainable choice for greener and comfortable hot water solutions.


    Data Sheet


    Installation and user manual

    • Tech Spechs

      Indoor Model No. IU size (mm) W x D x H Tank volume (L) COP @ 7 ° C COP @ 15 ° C Wifi
      HP200M7-F9 600*620*1694 194 3.268 3.5 Yes
      HP200M7C-F9 600*620*1694 185 3.24 3.55 Yes
      HP250M7-F9 600*620*1989 246 3.21 3.45 Yes
      HP250M7C-F9 600*620*1989 240 3.27 3.45 Yes


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